Entertainment Has Changed Along With Technology

If there is one thing that can be said for today’s generation, it’s that the vast majority are glued to their phones. Phones have become such an integral part to life. No longer are they only used as an outlet for communication. No longer are they only used for work related purposes. They have really become a source of entertainment for so many. That’s because a person is constantly on their phone and sometimes they’re just looking for things to amuse them. That’s why so many entertainment businesses are capitalizing on this. Services like Netflix, Hulu, and big networks like HBO allow users to stream television shows and movies right from their own cellular devices.

Entertainment has truly come along way. It’s incredibly different from the older days when black and white movies were considered a treat. Nowadays, people enjoy a variety of outlets for their entertainment needs. Of course, movie theaters are still around and will be around for a long time to come. They have gone major upgrades in recent years to keep up with the changing needs of society. Theaters all across the globe now run movies that are in high definition and even 3-D. People crave something different then just sitting in a movie seat and watching similar movies over and over. This is a way to keep their interest peaked.

As previously mentioned, entertainment also comes right from the palm of someone’s’ hand. YouTube has really grown and blossomed over the years. It’s no longer used as a simple way for people to share videos. People now plug in to watch television shows, movies, music videos, and other smaller videos that have gone viral. Entertainment no longer needs to be made by Hollywood. Sometimes, people enjoy watching viral videos like a cat being silly or a baby laughing; entertainment has never been so much in the hands of the people before.

There really is no age limit when it comes to entertainment. Children as young as a year old enjoy watching cartoons and the elderly still enjoy watching their favorite shows. The younger generations do seem to be those who enjoy entertainment the most but it really depends on the individual. Entertainment especially the forms like movies and television shows are truly for anyone. Lots of families enjoy bonding together over a movie night. Individuals enjoy killing time by catching a quick television show from their phone, iPad, or television screen.

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